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VxVM Mirroring

Created: 23 Nov 2013 • Updated: 27 Nov 2013 | 4 comments
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I was configuring VxVM mirroring with site consistent on.
I have two disks from different controllers and formed a diskgroup.
Is there some rules on the size of the disks in case of mirroring: like both disks should be of same size, etc..
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Hi harivxvm,

There is no limitation on disk size of site consistent mirror. But usually we configure 2 disks with the same size to be a site consistent which could enable the diskgroup as site consistent feature on.

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The only requirement is that the same amount of sectors are available on the disk where the mirror must be created.

If disks are of different geometry, it is possible that the size can be the same but with less sectors.

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Your 2 disks do not need to be the same size, but if you only have 2 disks and all your volumes are required to be mirrored, then if one disk is bigger than the other, then the extra space the bigger disk gives can't be used, but I am pretty sure you can create a non-mirrored volume on the extra space on the bigger disks by overriding the default when creating a volume if some volumes are not required to be mirrored.


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Thanks all of you for your inputs.