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Wan throttling on BackupExec 2010R3

Created: 18 Jul 2012 | 3 comments

I have 3 Servers in NY and a BuffaloNAS in NJ there is a VPN with 2mb Upstream connecting the 2 locations together. Doing a full server backup takes almost 24 Hours.

Is there a way to throttle the backup speed so that I can run this backup even during business hours?

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Backup Exec does not have any setting where you can mention or limit the speed or bandwidth to be used on your network.



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Is there any recommended way I should set this up then?

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You can use optimised duplication to minimise your bandwidth requirements.  What you need are media servers on both ends with the dedup option and CASO.  You dedup your backups on one end and then duplicate the dedup'ed data to the dedup folder on the other end.  Only the changed blocks will be transnitted across the wire.  Furthermore, you can throttle the bandwidth with optimised duplication.