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Want each clients data written to a separate tape.

Created: 23 Mar 2010 • Updated: 25 Sep 2010 | 9 comments

Hi Team,

We're using NBU 6.5.1


Clients :
lccfs004  (PC, Windows 2003)
lccfs013  (PC, Windows 2003)
lccfs014  (PC, Windows 2003)
lccfs033  (PC, Windows 2003)

Backup Selection:


we want four bkups running simultaneously, but being written to separate tapes. What needs to be done in the policy. I request to you to give me the exact changes need to be done.

Thanks in Advance,


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Andy Welburn's picture

would be to set up a different policy for each client & associate a different volume pool with each policy. That would be the only way I could see that you would guarantee no cross-over between tapes & clients.

I presume this is at the clients request that their info not be mixed with any other or a similar such requirement? Certainly not any operational advantage to this!

I presume you have the resources for this? Enough tapes, drives, large enough backup-window?

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Hi Andy,

Yes , we've enough resources for backup, Does the below listed change will work  during the backup?

In Policy :

Attributes TAB:

Uncheck Limit jobs per policy

Schedule TAB:

Media Multiplexing as default 1

So that all the clients run at the same time and write the each backup into different tapes. Does this work?

We've shared drives and enough tapes.


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I need your help, any updates on this?


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i thin Andy just gave you the correct answer to your question. that i guess is the only way you can guarantee that backups will not be mixed up.

Ayodeji Oni

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If your goal is that you don't want client A's data on the same tapes as client B's data, the as Andy said you need separate volume pools, and each clients servers need to be in their own policy

policy - clientA - volume poolA
policy -- clientB - volume poolB

if you just want to write to 4 tapes at once  then just turn off multiplexing and it will force it to run one job to each tape drive, but if client A has 2 servers - you could see get client A data on the same tape as client B.

Just depends on what your goal really is.

I don't have to know how to spell....I work on Unix.
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you can tweak the config so that they write to separate tapes from one policy - but there is absolutely no guarantee.

For example, If you have, say, 4 tapes drives & 4 tapes (just for arguments sake), all tapes belonging to the same volume pool (they have to as jobs will be run from the same schedule) and your jobs set to run individually. Now if resources become restricted or limited (tape drive down, failed tape etc) then the jobs will be run on a first come first served basis, the remaining will queue & will append to one of the tapes used by another client when the backup for that client has finished.

The only way to be sure is separate Policy per client & to be sure Volume Pool also. But then you could end up micro-managing NetBackup & that's where the fun begins! Administration of such a set up will be painful to say the least.

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I do not think that it should be a best practice,

Think about soma tape loss,

U will lose a HUGE amount of data.

Here we get 4 pools

mon - Thu
tue - fri
wed - sat

if I lose a tape from the mon-thu pool I'll still have the day after backup.

a single tape is a sinlge point of failure..

Maybe U should create a pool w/ tapes and set te policy to use it,

if the schedulle runs at the same time, the job will get som tape from that pool.

Claudio Veronezi Mendes
IT Manager at Lb2 Consultoria
Londrina - Pr - Brazil

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4 policies
4 pools
simple 4 you

VERITAS ain't it the truth?