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Want to Install SSL on Some Pages of My Website

Created: 23 Feb 2014 • Updated: 05 Jun 2014 | 2 comments


I've a website called . I want to sell few softwares through this website and on all sales pages i want to install an SSL certificate.

As per my understanding if i buy a SSL certificate for my root domain it will encrypt all of my internal pages. Kindly let me know how do i accomplish it.



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Hi Tauseef,

Yes this is correct if you purchase and SSL Certificate you will be able to offer all of our website content under both http:// and now with SSL https:// so all the site can be under the SSL encryption.

The process is pretty simple. 

1) You would create the CSR or Certificate Signing Request from your web server either by yourself in your website control panel provided by your web host or your web host can generate this for you. 

2) After having the CSR you place the order for the SSL Certificate then after a period of time depending upon the type of SSL Certificate it takes a little bit of time validate your business and issue out the completed SSL Certificate.

3) You then would install the SSL Certificate onto your web server or your web host can do this for you as well.

You can visit our website below for more information regarding SSL Certificates.

Thank You,


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For the most part Yes and Yes.

All depends on how you create and set up the https portions of your website.

When you enroll for a certificate in your case "" by creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on that system, you are readying that website system to encrypt data in HTTPS.

The certificate is for the most part is just a notary of the key-pair that is created from the CSR which is created on the server system that does the encryption on the website. It tells your clients that the website they are on in https that it is encrypted and validated on the certificate by a certificate authority.

Pertaining to your question "buy a SSL certificate for my root domain it will encrypt all of my internal pages." This is where its dependant on how you develope your webpages.

So anything preceding the domain or sub pages in the website like..

All these are within different parts of the website are still using the same host domain name reflected on the certificate so its OK, encryption will take place and your clients will get no errors.

On the other-hand, If you did this for example...

Then No, This is because the certificate you enrolled in for was only for encryption will still take place but the browser your clients use to connect to your website will get a error stating that the certificate does not reflect the host domain name of the website.

Hope This helps.