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*** Warning *** - One more Root folders were not synchronized

Created: 20 May 2007 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments
*** Warning *** - One more Root folders were not synchronized
Root folder: \\?\UNC\<server>\G$\<share> is not synchronised as it is not marked with a policy
My Report shows this error, but files are being archived and there is a volume and folder policy assigned to this target.
Is there something I overlooked?
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Rob Hanson's picture
Does it have an Archive point?
archivepoints find \\<server>\G$\<share>
If it find one, you can use Archivepoints delete to remove it.
Policy is only one part of the process.
Don Koning's picture
Hi Rob,
Yes there is an archive point. But shouldn't there be one?
I set the archivepoint as \\server\share. While EV lists the target as \\server\G$\folder. Should I set the archivepoint the same way?
Rob Hanson's picture
Yes, they should appear both ways.
I'd ignore the message, as long as the share permissions are Synced, then you should be fine.