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A way to document firewall rules in SEP 11

Created: 17 Feb 2009 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

Hello, one of our administrator's brought up a requirement that they be able to document the firewall rulesets they're using.


Screenshots were not very workable for them.


I came up with various options, and this option using Excel 2003 seems to work out okay - pleave give feedback if you try it and have good success or improvements!


Export your firewall rules as a .dat file

Rename .dat to .zip

Explore the file looking for main.xml

Extract main.xml and continue processing using Excel...


Start and Run - Microsoft Office, Excel 2003


Open XML popup window appears, with 3 choices -
 As an XML list
 As a read-only worksheet
 Use the XML Source task pane

Choose the third option, XML Source task pane


It warns that the XML source does not refer to a schema.


In the pane on the right, scroll down into the tree
until you find a folder called FirewallRule
left-click to highlight the FirewallRule folder
(all sub elements of the folder will be carried too)
left-click and drag and drop the folder icon
over to cell A1 in the spreadsheet


Now go the top line of Excel
(the line that reads File Edit View Insert, etc)
choose Data | XML | Import ...


Import XML dialogue box opens
choose your main.xml file again
click Import button


It may give a warning that the list inserted rows.


Now you have a spreadsheet which is somewhat usable..
Some columns, like Column C - "Name"

But many columns have useless data.

Hide columns:
highlight a column, right-click and choose Hide

Useless columns you can hide:

anything with an underscore at the front  (_d _v _i etc)

The result, when you're done, is somewhat readable!