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WDE Corrupted Data

Created: 29 May 2011 | 7 comments

After installation and reboot, the PGP Enterprise Anmedungsassistent opens.

I should fill in the login for the "Domänenauthentifizierung"

If i leave it bank, i get this error:

Die PGP Enterprise-Anmeldung ist aufgrund des folgenden Fehlers fehlgeschlagen: Beschädigte Daten

What can i do?

Which data is corrupt? Where can i find logs?

regards Barki

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sperrysymc's picture

Sometimes when enrollment fails there is data left behind in an inconsistent state. You should be able to fix this by:

1. Remove ~/Library/Preferences/com.pgp.*

2. Logout

3. Log back in.

You should be prompted to enroll all over again. This time, try to enroll successfully :-)

Barki's picture

I tried it, but this does not help ... :(

Any other possibilities?


sperrysymc's picture

What did not work? What happened when you tried it? Did you actually put in your Domain information? You _MUST_ authenticate to continue.

Barki's picture

What do I have to put in? Just an example ...

Barki's picture

Sorry, I dont know what to fill in there ... Please help me ...

I want to encrypt my disk ... :(

mallardduck's picture

Since you're using enrollment, you must have a PGP administrator in your company.  Try talking with them for assistance.

Barki's picture

Can't it be used for private users?