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WDE on MAC Book Pro very very slow to encrypt drive

Created: 24 Oct 2012 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 4 comments
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Is anyone else have this problem:

We recently upgraded to PGP 10.2.1MP4 so we could upgrade to Mountain Lion. In order to install this version we had to fist decrypt the drive. After the drive was decrypted we upgraded the version of PGP to MP4 and also upgraded the Mac Book Pro to Mountain Lion. Everything seemed to go fine until we started to re-encrypt the drive. Before the upgrade when we first encrypted the drives it took between 8 - 10 hours to encrypt a 750gb drive that was around 50% full. Now with the new version it is showing between 2 0 48 days for the encryption to finish. So far it has taken around 8 hours 8GB.

So far we tried this on three Mac Book Pros. The time between the laptops seems to vary. One laptop has encrypted about 40GB in 10 hours, one laptop took around 8 hours to encrypt around 8GB, and one just started and shows around 17 days left to encrypt. All the laptops are quad core i7 processors with 8GB of ram.

Even the laptop that seems to be going the fastest is still taking around 10x longer to encrypt then the previous version of PGP that we were running.

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Just so you and anyone else who sees this thread are aware - the amount of disk space used doesnt affect the speed of encryption/decryption at all.  It encrypts the entire drive, including empty sectors and the amountof time to do each is the same.

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I have noted this issue as well.  I had a machine that took about 8 hrs to encrypt.  We decrypted the drive and installed Mt Lion and the MP4 package and a week later it finished encrypting. Is the progress bar reporting correctly?

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This is a known issue, please see

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Did my post help resolve your issue for you? If not, I would strongly suggest submitting an idea on our forum which goes as feedback to our Product Management team on features which need to be "enhanced" in our product and the slow encryption issue is one that is hardware specific and would require additional improvements to our software which could take more time to write, to solve the issue.

Go here to submit an idea:

Select "Security" in the drop-down for category.

Then select PGP WDE for Mac for the product selection.

Thank you

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