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Web Gateway Concurrent Users Limit

Created: 20 Mar 2012 | 4 comments
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What will happen if 1,500 users are routed towards my Symantec Web Gateway 8450 which is designed to support 1000 concurrent users? Will it refuse additional connections or deterioate the performance? 

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I guess the number of 1000 users for the 8450 was calculated based on performance given average usage. I don't expect 1500 users with average usage to exaust the pool of connections but to impact performance (throughput, delay, etc).


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Hi How do we monitor if we have reached the no. of concurrent user per Appliance? Situation: i have 4 machines 1 CIU and 3 SWG Gateway in 3 sites. thanks.

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The executive summary page has a "Client Machines Monitored" count. To see the number of clients at each site you may have to check each SWG to get the count.

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There is a potential for slowdown in authentication, especially if you are using it in Proxy mode. You could also deploy a Virtual Web Gateway and shunt some of your less critical traffic towards it to help reduce the load.