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Web Interface Time Out Setting Config

Created: 14 Jul 2010 | 1 comment

I am running Vonto (DLP) ver 10.x; where is the config file for changing the time out value?

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Here is the location in which you can change the timeout period :



For example, if you wanted to increase the timeout to 600 minutes:

Change the default settings from:




In addition, you must also increase the lock timeout to the equivalent time in millisecods:

  • Change model.lockserver.locktimeout in <Drive>:\Vontu\Protect\config\
    model.lockserver.locktimeout = 1800000
    model.lockserver.locktimeout = 36000000

Restart all Vontu services on the Enforce machine

NOTE:  Never adjust the UI session timeout without setting the lock timeout to the same value. Otherwise the application behavior may be nondeterministic.

Kind Regards,
Naor Penso

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