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Webex causing edpa.exe to take up 50% CPU?

Created: 25 Jun 2010 | 3 comments

Had a pilot user mention that they see their dlp endpoint agent process take up 50% cpu utilization when they attend (passive) webex session. Their system becomes unbearbly slow and it does not stop until they end the webex session. Are their some webex specific file or directory exclusions that are required in the enforce console?

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I can see the issue regarding webex, since webex is a two way transmission software. Unlike youtube, even if you are in a passive session the webex software has the ability to change your status from passive to active and it sends out data to the Webex servers.
As far as i recall there is a webex temporary client and I don't think you could exclude it, and by default the temp folder is excluded on the clients.
I think the issue is with the network and not the exclusion of files/folders.
I would suggest you open a case in the Symantec support.

two questions you should ask yourself:
1) does it occur on other computers that are using webex?
2) what is the network load the computer suffers when using webex

Kind Regards,
Naor Penso

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Thanks, I'll contact support. I have hear of 2 other users with the issue. And I do not know the network load during these sessions.

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Could some body help me? I've been receiving this message every 30 secound for almost 1 month ago. What should I do to stop it. Attached is the image of this message.


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