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Created: 06 Nov 2013 | 5 comments


is that possible to monitor the websites accessed by the users in symantec. today i found in network traffic log the sitres which i accessed was there that too in data card environment.

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Not possible.

Monitoring your users Internet usage is not possible with SEP. You will need to use another product to perform that action.

Symantec Web Gateway Features URL filtering with flexible policy controls, and in-depth reporting and alerts.

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that i know, but in my traffic log i saw the url which i accessed, so only iam asking

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You can set up the learned application and then create exception for iexplorer.exe and make it logonly

you can view this under monitor- logs but that does not tell which exact webiste coz it will log everything which is on port 80

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It is but SEP is not really used for doing this. There are more robust products out there which are specifically designed for this.

If you use the firewall to monitor application traffic (such as iexplore.exe or firefox.exe) you can see the URLs accessed.

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You may like to check this : 

Business Challenge: Web Security

Hope that helps!!

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