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Week at a glance - can it show a month at a time?

Created: 20 Feb 2013 • Updated: 30 Jul 2013 | 7 comments
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OpsCenter Version Report Templates>Backup>Status & Success Rate>Status> Week at a Glance:

Ideally I'd like a report which will allow me to show a dashboard to the server owners with the visual format of the 'week at a glance' report, which would show a rolling month on the one screen.

The only other way I can think to achieve this is to run several 'week at a glance' reports, but have the time frame differ for each - ie show 2 weeks back, then show current week. But, this would incur an admin overhead to create several reports to display on the dashboard. I understand the limitations of my version to only ever show me 28 days historically.

Is anyone aware of how I might achieve this, or another report which could accommodate me?

with thanks

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I am wantingto do this exact same thing.

I have a client that would like to have the "week at a glance" report for the entire month to archive as part of his tracking of SLA's

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i suspect analytics might help,  As we can customize it.. But it requires alot of patience to try multiple parameters or if you can do sql query to get same GUi reports (customization in report requires analytics license)

Try with eval if it helps (sync with symantec represantative for eval)

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Thanks for your response. I was hoping not to go down the analytics route - as it would meaning purchasing many many licenses. If I put in an EVAL code, then see how amazing it is.......I believe it's too costly and I have a lot of clients on the domain.

I don't suppose you are aware of how to view the partially backed up files from the same report?

I am essentially looking for a way that the server owners in question can view their own backups and see which files have been paritally successful - without having to create separate reports for each server???

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To be frank OpsCenter has kept most common required features LICENSED. i.e. requires analytics

following are some examples

Need media ID besides regular tabular report (Very important and generous requirement)

Partial backup details

Above both requires customizing reports which indirectly requires you to pay for analytics.

i'm aware of how to configure those reports that's why highlighted Analytics as recommendation to fulfill requirement

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There is no way to show the entire month in one report, but there is a new option that I had not seen before, Week Information, that lets you define *which* week you want to include (This Week, Last Week, 2 Weeks Ago, etc.), and you could create 4 individual reports to display the type of data you are looking for.

I am using OpsCenter Analytics  I don't know when this option was added, I never found this report format very useful.

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Is this for my monthly reporting.

Step 1  Generate a default report from Report Templates > Backup > Job Browser > Tabular Backup Report.  The only thing I change is the start and finish time.  Being one its huge and takes a while to generate.  Then I download it as CSV file.   Because of its size you have to make an adjust in OpsCenter config somewhere (its in the manual)

Step 2 Copy it to box that a bash shell - I use Linux, previously I used the Cygwin unix emulator on a windows desktop.

Step 3 Run the script to produce a summary.

# Author : Jim McDonald
if [[ "$#" -ne "1" ]] ; then
echo "Requires an OpsCenter report in CSV format as the first and only parameter"
let ALL_BKUPS=$(cat $1 | grep  ',Backup,'  | wc -l )
let SUCCESSFUL_CNT=$(cat $1 | grep  ',Backup,' | grep 'Successful,' | wc -l )
printf "Total Backup Jobs        = %s\nSuccessful Backups Jobs = %s\nFailed Backup Jobs       = %s\n" $ALL_BKUPS  $SUCCESSFUL_CNT $FAILED
PERCENTAGE="$(echo "scale=3 ; ($SUCCESSFUL_CNT/$ALL_BKUPS)*100" | bc)"
printf "Success Rate             = %3.3f%%\n" $PERCENTAGE
SERVER_CNT=$(cat $1 | awk ' BEGIN {FS=","} { print $1 }' | sort -u | wc -l )
printf "Servers backed up        = %s\n" $SERVER_CNT

It will give you

Total Backup Jobs         =

Succesful Backup Jobs =

Failed Backup Jobs      =

Succes Rate               =

Servers Backed Up      =

Succes rate is based on individual backup jobs, server backed up is a count of all the servers backed up.  For those familiar with bash/ksh scripting it relatively simple to add more functionality to the script.  Grep for restore jobs, a simple piece of awk will give data sizes.  Extracting more information will be dependent upon your naming conventions for policies, schedules, server names etc.

Step 4 Distribute to those that care. 

Step 5 Store the CSV somewhere safe.  This is a useful report if you have a collection of them then can be a good source of information that can be mined for trends etc.