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Weekly backup config

Created: 17 Feb 2013 • Updated: 18 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi Everybody,

I need to configure weekly backup on Backup exec 2012 in such a way that it should run as mentioned below.

a) Fileserver1 and Fileserver2 backup should be happened only on 1st and 3rd week of FRIDAY 11:00PM

b) Fileserver3 and Fileserver4 backup should be happened only on 2nd and 4th week of FRIDAY 11:00PM

do we have any option in Backup exec 2012 to perform the weekly backup in above mentioned way?

Waiting for your valuable reply.

Thanks & Regards


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What about months with 5 weeks?

For the pattern you want, you got to set up 2 jobs for each server using the monthly recurrence pattern.  For example, for Server1, one of the jobs will specify the first week and the other job will specify the 3rd week.

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In that case can you guide me how to configure weekly backup to run on particular week for ex: 2nd, 3rd or 4th week only.

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As my answer above, you got to define a job for each week using the monthly recurrance pattern.

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I got that but how to define a job to run only on 2nd & 4th week, not on 1st and 3rd week.

which option I have to select out of this.

a) Every 1 week on friday

b) Every 2 weeks on friday

c) Every 3 weeks on friday

and so on......

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I got that but how to define a job to run only on 2nd & 4th week, not on 1st and 3rd week.

You cannot do this with 1 job.  You need 2 jobs.

Job1 runs on Week 2

Job 2 runs on Week 4.

In your example, you are using the weekly occurance schedule.  Don't use this, use the MONTHLY occurance schedule for your jobs. See below

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Ok pkh,

Thanks for your timely support, now i got exact way to proceed with weekly backup.

Now my concern is has you said that we should give server1 two jobs to perfrom backup on alternative weeks, then how to configure incremental job to run on daily purpose either we have to give incremental on job1 or job2 or in both the jobs.

I regret for continously abrupt your work by posting lot of forums.

But has I am new to this tool I need guidance from experienced person like you,

Waiting for your most valuable reply.