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Weird AE behaviour

Created: 13 Nov 2013 • Updated: 22 Nov 2013 | 7 comments
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Hi all, I have been presented with the following scenario - is this a bug, or perhaps a setting I've not configured correctly?


User C has permission granted to both User A and User B's archive

User C logs onto a  workstation with both User A and B's outlook profile configured, opens Outlook and selects User A's profile

Profile opens and User C browses to Users A's Archive Explorer, which opens

User C closes Outlook, and reopens Outlook this time selecting User B

He browses to Archive Explorer, expecting to see User B's Archive, but instead sees USER A

If User C logs off the workstation entirely, and back on again and selects User B's outlook profile, browses to AE, then they see User B's archive

So, in this scenario the only way for User C to switch between User A and B's archive explorer is to log off each time?

Is there a setting I'm missing that disables this behaviour or is this a bug?

Ev version: 10

Outlook version 2010

Operating Systems:

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User C should be able to log into their own profile and click on Archive Explorer and see both user A and user B archives. No need to have separate profiles to see the archives.

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This is not bug. It's just matter of the cookies history is not clean after you close outlook profile User A and try to open outlook of User B.

1. After closing the Outlook of User A. Delete temp files and IE histroy.

2. Then run the ResetEVClient.

3. Then try to open Outlook for User B and check AE behaviour.

If you open Archive Explorer using URL (http://EV_Server_Name/EnterpriseVault/ArchiveExplo...) then you will see both User (A & B)  present.



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Thanks, that makes sense

What if we take User C out of the equation, is the following still expected (Can I get a bit of info on EV authentication?)

User A logs onto workstation and launches Outlook - opens AE and see archived mail

Closes Outlook, and creates new mapi profile for B

Opens AE, but still sees User A AE and not User B

Temp files have been deleted, IE history and ResetEVClient run, but still demonstartes this behaviour?

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Archive Explorer is an ASP web page. Opening AE from Outlook, it would use Internet Explorer to open it. Thus, Windows will send the credentials you used to logging in your computer to the IIS server, not Outlook profile. For instance, If you do 'Run as different user' over Internet Explorer and type a different credentials, you will get a different archive list in Archive Explorer.

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That's right ...... 

AE is using windows authentication .... Hence when you open AE using Outlook User B still you are able to see AE of User A.

This is normal behaviour.



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Thanks for this guys, very thorough explaination. My gratitude

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Glad to help !!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”–Winston Churchill