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Weird problem when trying to install FSA Agent from EV 10.0.1 VAC

Created: 07 Feb 2013 | 7 comments


We have added a file server SRV001.DOMAIN.CO.UK 

In file server entry table DNS Name is SRV001.DOMAIN.CO.UK  and UNC Name is \\SRV001

We can ping both short name and FQDN from EV Server fine

We can Browse to \\SRV001 and \\SRV001.DOMAIN.CO.UK  fine

However when trying to install FSA Agent from VAV it says "Installing FSA Agent on file server 'SRV001.DOMAIN.CO.UK'" but in the box of the wizard is says Server: DOMAIN, Status: Error: The network path was not found.

Any idea please?

Many Thanks

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Run a Procmon and have a look at what path its saying isnt found
You can reach the admin shares of that machine also, correct? (i.e. \\\c$\)

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Yes can access the admin share fine \\\c$\

It says \\DOMAIN .... not found although it should be \\srv001


Also another server whiel trying to install FSA Agent it returns IP address as DNS name, although we have tried entering File servers FQDN in the wizard.

File Server:

  DNS Name:            

  UNC Path:                        \\SRV10

  Install FSA Agent:                           No

What is the mechanism for FSA Wizard to obtain that DNS Name? Does it queries DNS or WINS? DNS Entries seems to be fine.

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have you got a reverse lookup record for this? restart mmc and dtrace it will yield some more info

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2822 10:47:44.127 [4052] (mmc) <6972> EV:M IPV6 - Entered Function GetFullyQualifiedDomainName, server name passed to this function =|
2835 10:47:48.682 [4052] (mmc) <6972> EV:M GetFullyQualifiedDomainName - IPV6: FQDN found []|
2836 10:47:48.682 [4052] (mmc) <6972> EV:M IPV6 - Leaving Function GetFullyQualifiedDomainName ,FQDN got is =, status = 0|
NOTE: is the right IP Address for that server
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here it should be returning a name:

FQDN got is =

reverse lookup/Hosts?

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Just out of interest why it says IPV6 in the trace log although it is returning IPV4