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WELCOME to the Deployment Solution Community

Created: 17 Mar 2011 | 1 comment

In an attempt to create one place for all useful Deployment Solution resources (both 7.x and 6.x), we have created this Connect group. The group was created quite recently but as content grows, you'll be able to come here for useful items such as:

  • Community uploaded Deployment Solution Jobs/Tasks
  • Community uploaded PCT a2i files
  • Helpful suggestions from other community members
  • How-to Videos
  • Good KB Articles to be aware of
  • Tips on using Deployment Solution
  • Links to Documentation
  • Polls/Questions on future product direction
  • Direct interaction with others using Deployment Products and with Product Management

Since this forum is for all things Deployment, it would include the following technologies and products:

  • Deployment Solution 6.x
  • Deployment Solution 7.x
  • PC Transplant
  • Ghost Solution Suite
  • Ghost Imaging Foundation (the Ghost tools)
  • Deployment Solution for Solaris
  • PowerQuest DeployCenter

Welcome to all things Deployment at Symantec!

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We have Altiris DS 6.9 version and we just migrated to use WinPE to deploy the new PCs.  Previously, we are using DOS Managed and able to deploy the Virtual PC which created by the VM ESX 4.0 host.  However, it is not working after we switched to use WinPE.  The VM PC is able to load the  WinPE image but it is not able to show the PC in DS server and the VM PC is nothing showing on the screen (VM Console).

Do you know why and how we can fix it?

Many thanks.