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wfwi: Adding /removing feature using command line?

Created: 08 Feb 2011 • Updated: 10 Feb 2011 | 5 comments
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Hi guys!

I got a question concerning the command line options with wfwi. I got a project with to hidden features where one is installed on a vista pc and the other is installed on a XP pc. (These features contain drivers, that's why I got two of them for the different systems).

This all works fine so far. Now, the msi is getting quite big and it shall be downloaded via some server. So I try to make it smaller and one possible solution would be to have two different wsi projects, one with the vista feature, one with the xp feature. 

Now I am asking myself (and you ! ;) ), if it is possible to do this via the command line. Are there some properties to be set (or unset) so that one feature gets removed before compiling the msi? If not than I have to stick with two wsi files... 

Thank you for your answers!


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May I refer you to the Windows Installer Editor documentation, specifically the chapter entitled "Organising your installation into releases". As you didn't mention which version of Wise you have, I cannot give you specific page numbers, but in the Wise Installation Studio documentation set, it is Chapter 7 of the WindowsInstallerEditor.pdf file.  There is a subsection titled Configuring your releases, which states:

When you create a new release, it has the same properties, summary items, and
features list as the Default release. The Release Settings page lets you customize a
particular release by:

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Hi again! Thanks for pointing me a way, EdT. I should have taken a look there first. 

Anyhow, I tried to remove a feature by something like this:

wfwi.exe tmp.wsi /c /premove=XP_Feature /s 

I thought that this would remove the XP_Feature from the created msi, thus making the msi smaller. 

But nothing seems to happen. The compile.log does not contain any information (or errors). I have taken a look at all feature related properties in the windows installer guide but did not find anything more useful.

It seems, that this remove property does remove a feature during installation. But I want to remove a feature from the msi. Maybe this is not possible. If it is and you guys know a way, please help me. Sorry if I missed something (and could have found a solution on my own). It's not like I want you guys do the work for me. A hint would help ;)

Thanks anyway 

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I would specifically point you at the documentation describing RELEASES. You create RELEASES containing the features you require. Then you can compile specific RELEASES using WFWI.EXE from the command line.

The feature manipulation is done while you are defining each release - it is not done at the compilation point.

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Hi again!

Thanks for your help EdT. I think it was a general misunderstanding on my side with releases. I thought it was about features, but you were right, it can easily be done with releases. So, it's working now.


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Glad to be of service!

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