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you can go through the errors, warning and information from the logs. However you need to provide the logs to Symantec to analyze as not all information can be read by the logs itself, there is log viewer tool which extracts the logs and make readable.

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I agree with pete. 

The Symantec Endpoint Protection Support Tool is a utility designed to quickly and efficiently diagnose common issues encountered with Endpoint Protection and the Endpoint Protection Manager. With this release, the utility is limited to diagnosing problems on the local computer (that is, the computer that is running the utility). If a problem is identified, the tool will direct you to a solution, or the information can be provided to Tech Support, who can guide you through the next steps.

Once the utility finishes collecting the data for your issue(s), the task screen shows the options for analyzing the collected data. 

Review Reports 
If you are experiencing an issue with Symantec Endpoint Protection or Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, click Review Reportsto see a summary of the collected information. The information is grouped into the following sections:

  • Errors lists individual problems found by the tool. Click each error for detailed information.
  • Warnings, which are issues that warrant some attention but which probably are not critical.
  • OK lists items which passed the checks that the tool ran against them.
  • Information outlines general information about your computer, such as available disk space, operating system information, etc.
  • Applications lists the items that are in "Add/Remove programs," along with each program's manufacturer and version information.

This section returns you to the issue selection screen, where you can change the checks that you want to run. 

Collect additional data
This option performs an intensive scan of the computer. This can take ten minutes or more. This additional data can help identify issues that previous checks did not detect. 

Save Report
This option saves the information that the selected checks found. If you require assistance with your issue, you can send the saved report file to Technical Support.

How To Submit The Report
This option shows the options available for opening a Technical Support ticket.

Click Exit to close the utility and delete the files that were extracted to the temporary directory. 

To Know more on the Tool, check the Article below:

About the Symantec Endpoint Protection Support Tool
Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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Hi KleenJoie,

SEP support tool is continuously updated by Symantec.The utility will automatically update itself to the latest version.

Latest SEP support tool version is 1.0.6010

There are nice Article and Video available at forum.

Article :

Video :

About the Symantec Endpoint Protection Support Tool

It's nice to see for basic errors however for in depth analysis you will have to handover it to the Support team.

Chetan Savade
Sr.Technical Support Engineer, Endpoint Security
Enterprise Technical Support

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