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What are the liveupdate site of Symantec?

Created: 05 Jun 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Anyone can give me all liveupdate sites of symantec?
thanks in advance

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Below is the list of liveupdate URL  I rely on everytime my virus definition is not updated ^_^

Rapid Release:

Intelligent Updater:



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Hi Pete and Optimus Prime,

Both your answer are help me 

Thanks for help

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This is the ftp server of symantec and the file for Definition file for SEP is 20090812-033-v5i32.exe, the date changes accordingly.

Ajit Jha


Ajit Jha

Technical Consultant


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Hi optimus prime why are you ahving a problem in updating? it should be automatically  update the SEP clients on your machine it is not ideally to manually update the virus defintion, supposed to be it necessarily it must perform seemlessly. I dont know if the workaround that you did is satisfy you and the other user.


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Hi Peterpan,

I'm not having a problem with updating ALWAYS..the suggestions above are the URL if ever we need an urgent update while troubleshooting on error causing a liveupdate issue. Don't tell me you never use those above URL ever since..Are you having a perfect live update definition always? Which I doubt..


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gilbert08: You'ra asking for ALL the liveupdate sites? That's like asking for all the Google servers worldwide. Each area has an IP range assigned to it, and companies use domain names to replace the IP addresses. Some companes get a range of IPs spread throughout the world, so when a user in one area looks for a company's website hosted in one of their servers, the network of routers will look for the one nearest or the one that could deliver faster to the one that requested it.
So, yeah, pete_4u2002 got it right the first time and Optimus Prime gave the manual download sites.

Optimus Prime: What Peterpan is referring to is probably the servers getting the updates from the WAN which rarely misses unless your firewall gets in the way or your server don't have connections to the Internet. Bottomline is it's either a routing problem or an LiveUpdate installation problem.


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