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what is the basic different between Software Library, a UNC path, a URL, or a directory on the Notification Server computer.

Created: 28 Jul 2013 • Updated: 11 Dec 2013 | 7 comments
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What is the basic different between Software Library, a UNC path, a URL, or a directory on the Notification Server computer in softwate management solutions and what is the best way to deploy the software among them.

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Hi Nagesh,

The basic diference is where the package files are stored. There are several benefits to use the Software Library ( - Benefits of the Software Library):

The Software Library is a secure directory that is the centralized repository of the definitive, authorized versions of the software that your organization manages. A package that is sourced from the Software Library is referred to as a managed package.
The Software Library puts you in control of your software packages. You no longer have to keep track of which folders contain which packages, or which package is the correct version. You no longer have to worry that someone might accidentally or deliberately tamper with a package. Instead, you can let the Software Library manage your packages so that you can spend your time more productively.
Symantec recommend that you source all your packages from the Software Library.

Fábio Sanches

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Thanks Luke,

It means the best options for software deployment is through Software library right.

And one more think if I want to not what is the basic Different between Software library and software catalog?

Where is a default location for Software library to save the software?

Thanks & Regards,

Nagesh Singh

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UNC sources the package from a UNC path...configured anywhere. You have to make sure the access rights are correct.

"Directory on Notification Server" lets you choose a local folder on your server. Then, Altiris will create a network share for each of these folders.

Library as Luke told you already. Advantage: you could move (unconfigure) the whole library to another share. Altiris does the rest.

I never used "sourceing" from http link...

Today I prefer using the library. It's kinda lame using the Java Upload App, but it's the only way to use the library.

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Hi Nagesh,

About the Software Catalog. The Software Catalog is a centralized model of the software that is known in your organization, regardless of where the software is installed. The Software Catalog does not contain any software. Instead, it contains the data that describes the software. If a package is associated with the software, the Software Catalog also points to the source of the package file (that could be the Software Library, a UNC path, etc).

In ITIL terms, the Software Catalog represents a portion of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). A software resource that is defined in the Software Catalog is equivalent to a configuration item (CI).


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Hi Nagesh,

This best practices document helped me understand and use the various aspects of the Software Management Solution:

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Could you please explain me one thing:

If I use Software Library as source, the package will be copied to definite place and replicated to site servers.

If I use directory on the Notification Server, package will NOT be copied and replicated, right? Everytime when this package will be needed for installation, it will be copied from the directory on the Notification server, right?

Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Packages will be replicated if you have them configured to do as such.  It does not matter what you choose for your source.

At my company we've only ever used UNC as our "library" is over 250gb and is on a NAS.  We didn't feel the need to use the SMP Software Library and have all of those binaries copied into a proprietary location.