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what is the basic use of Data domain?

Created: 25 Feb 2012 • Updated: 11 May 2012 | 6 comments
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what is the basic use of Data domain?

cant we do deduplication with pure disk or advance disk?

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A Data Domain box is a appliance from EMC offering NFS,CIFS, BOOST or VTL access to a deduplication engine. 

PureDisk offers some of the same features.

AdvancedDisk is not deduplication - It a more intelligent way to handle normal disk and is required using Storage Lifecycle Policy's.

One point where MSDP or PureDisk differs from DataDomain is the clientside deduplication option. Data- Domain does all the internal processing when it reaches the appliance  (well that not entire true when using boost - Some of the hash work is then moved to media servers - but there is no offload on the clients). 

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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what is the main difference between MSDP and CSDP(CLIENT SERVER DEDUPLICATION)?

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With Media Server Deduplication : all backup data will be sent fom client to NetBackup server and they will be deduplicated on this one (the media server). RAM and CPU overload concerns media server only but you will use a lot of network

With client-side deduplication : your client will process files to deduplicate them (you will have CPU and RAM overload) but you will send less data on the network (10 time less after 1rst backup)

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client-side deduplication:client dedup the data.

Media Server Deduplication:media server dedup the data?

is it correct?

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Guys help !!

 I want to have deduplication in my environment.

What all basic things i need to have.

Please tell from the basics.