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What can be transferred to SD 7.5

Created: 23 Jul 2013 | 3 comments

Dear All,

After reading several posts about SD7.5 and transferring data, I lost track about what can be transferred from 7.1 to 7.5. I thought that closed tickets were no problem and open tickets were no option. Is this correct? What happens with numbering of tickets (e.g. IM-002583 is a closed ticket, we transfer this to the new system, will the new system start with IM-000001 and skip IM-002583)

What about Knowledge Base articles? What about User Management (permissions, groups, disabled users,...)

Thanks for the info

Kind regards


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 Hi Koen van Carglass,

You cannot migrate the following data (7.1 SP1 and SP2):

  • Open process data
  • Active process data

You can migrate the following ticket types (7.1 SP1 and SP2):

  • Closed Incident Management tickets
  • Closed Change Management tickets
  • Closed Problem Management tickets
  • Closed knowledge base submission tickets
  • End-User Surveys
  • User-defined processes

For more information about  migrating data to 7.5 MP1, see the About migrating data to ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 topic in the Symantec™ ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 Implementation Guide at

For more information about  migrating data to 7.5, see the About migrating data to ServiceDesk 7.5 topic in the Symantec™ ServiceDesk 7.5 Implementation Guide at

Kindest Regards,



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The 7.5 system will start the ticket numbers over @ IM-000001. If you prefer this not to happen you can modify a database entry to specify the new starting #.  I always recommend setting this value to a # larger then what your current system is using.

UPDATE ReportProcessGenerator
SET LastUsedIdentity = ###  --Replace ### with the value of 1 less then where you wish to start creating the new tickets at.
WHERE Type = 'IM-'
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it is possible to migrate open incidents but does take a little work and will require a sql guru and a little workflow knowledge. My company did not want to run with two systems up. so we can up with the following.

We created a new sql table that contained the IM#, Title, Description, Category, Affected User, contacts,comments, assigned team, adn new IM#

We populated the new table with all the open incidents. I then created a workflow to read each row and created an incident off the data and wrote back the new incident number for verification. We successfully migrated 1000+ incidents. So it is possible to migrate open incidents. the other thing i added was the old IM# into a comment so the Technician could refer back to the old system just in case. I recommend trying it on a test system first it took a couple of runs to get the workflow down.