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What deployment options do I have if I downgrade to unmanaged clients?

Created: 26 Dec 2007 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009
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We installed Endpoint Security in a Windows 2003 SBS + 10 client environment. After a month of seemingly successful operation, the server started reporting it was low on storage. After research I found that Endpoint Security's inetpub/content directory had bloated nearly 10GB in size. During install I had placed the "data" directory on a separate partition to avoid such a situation, but apparently the inetpub and the embedded database are still installed at the default location, which was the system partition in my case.
Symantec support says that my embedded database corrupted and the fix involves a re-install and a visit to each workstation. So, I am seriously considering abandoning the Manager (for now) and going with unmanaged clients until the Manager component becomes more stable.
I have two questions.
(1) Is it possible to use the Installation Wizard to remotely install Unmanaged clients? And/or is it possible to prepare a custom install (with custom components and settings) to be installed from a shared drive or CD?
(2) If and when I go back to managed clients, should I be using SQL Server instead of the embedded database. The documentation clearly says that the embedded database takes fewer resources when you've got under 1,000 clients, but technical support seems to imply otherwise.