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What did you upload using Barcode?

Created: 22 Mar 2012 | 4 comments

I might have missed something with the new barcode solution in 7.1 but I could not find a way to get a list of the barcodes or serial numbers of the devices I just scanned and uploaded.  Also, for some reason you can only scan to barcode, or scan to serial number. And,  you can scan into the name field unless you change modes on the scanner. Every device gets uploaded with the same name like "new computer"  what's that all about?   that's three scans for one device.  

Am I doing it wrong? 

here is what I did, let me know what you think.

1, since most devices will use the serial number as the name until they get on the floor and an agent we have an import export job that simply looks for new assets named "new computer" and changes its name to the serial number.  same with monitors.

2. As I said, I cant find a report of the barcodes, or the serial numbers on the last upload.  You can get a count but you cant see the device serial numbers or barcodes.  for some reason the report for last barcode scan doesn't report uploaded devices.

2.2 so I cloned the report, "barcode Uploads' stripped out the sql but left the all the report perameters.  I replaced the code(which is crazy long) with the following.

select vAsset.[Serial Number], vAsset.Manufacturer,vAsset.Model, Inv_Barcode_Scanner.LoadDate from Inv_Barcode_Scanner
join vAsset on Inv_Barcode_Scanner._ResourceGuid = vAsset._ResourceGuid
datediff(%Period Type%, Inv_Barcode_Scanner.LoadDate , getdate())>=0
and datediff(%Period Type%,Inv_Barcode_Scanner.LoadDate, getdate())<=%units%

order by LoadDate

So this gives me the upload data.  The question is, Does anyone have a better plan? or are we just doing it wrong?  What are you doing.

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Using direct mode the uploaded report only shows the number of assets uploaded.

Using batch mode, the verification queue shows the details of the assets uploaded, and is the intended path for administrator level oversight of uploads.

The scanning describes using ‘auto’ scan mode where it detects the type of the data entered, and updates barcode or serial number. Then changing into direct mode to scan the name field. This workflow may be easier using direct mode for the whole workflow and thus selecting each field to scan before scanning, saving changing modes. There is a planned future feature to automatically set the scan mode, whereby if a field is selected it would direct scan, otherwise auto scan.

The fact that three barcodes are required to be entered (serial, barcode, name) is the reason that three scans must be done.

#1 is a good way to update the names in bulk, and workaround entering the same code twice, for the users specific case of using the same text for both name and serial number

#2 try verification queues, or modify reports if needed

#2.2 meets the stated need in that exact case, however be aware that sql has some limitations compared to the default report (e.g. no security filtering, not showing uploads in verification queue)

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I have just completed a design, build and configure of an Asset Mgt. Solution for my client, we are looking at only about 5000-6000 PC/Notebooks at the moment and now we are working towards all the peripherals, and consumables, ipads etc.  We have also done some really cool stuff with the network guys (read my post here)

In my design after meeting with business and developing a new procedure about what needs to happen and who does what, we came up with this.

I created a new template on barcode scanner called IT shop

this is just a receiveals template, they set the status to 'Received' and a location of 'Basement' and enter the PO (which is in a custom dataclass)

The IT Shop only scans the serial number from the unopened boxes and where possible while the goods are on the pallet.

After the assets are received the IT Shop hands them over to Fleet Services to be imaged and deployed.

These then show up in the cusotm asset dashboard I made as recieved

Fleet Services also have a barcode scanner, and they used the 'assign barcode function' of barcode solution, very quick and easy

I then also have a CMDB rule where - if barcode is blank populate from bios inventory. The bios must have the barcode entered by our fleet guys, during the deployment of the Win7 image we have a script which checks the BIOS for this detail, and if its not there prompts the person at runup for the info.. this is populated into the bios at that time and used as the Windows Hostname.

Lastly I used the in-built job Asset to Inventory sync (under jobs and tasks\asset\cmdb) this then synchronises the details that are retuned from the computers agent inventory and you end up with a single record in asset solution with all the make and model details.

Happy to help if you need more info

Mick Wearn

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I marked both of these responces as helpful because they both contain useful information.  However, what concerns me the most is all the hoop jumping that's needed to do something that really should be a simple task as part of the asset life cycle.  I'm more and more frustrated with the need to continualy program workarounds to the Altiris product. 

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The process I use is.. (and find it works well)

1) just scan the serial number, this way we know the asset has arrived.

2) later perhaps a week or more someone will get around to attaching barcodes

2.2) set the barcode scanner to the menu item under 'Update' called 'Assign Barcode'

2.3) scan any serial number, and then the barcode reader screen will change and ask you to scan the barcode

3) During building the computer (Windows 7 image) it prompts the person building to enter the company barcode number into the BIOS - this is what we use for the Windows 7 computer name.

4) once inventory has run, there is a job under system jobs and tasks called 'Sync Inventory and Asset Data' which when run will synchronise all the data.

I don't think I'm doing anything special, and this works pretty well.