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What is different between NAC and SNAC?

Created: 23 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

What is different between NAC and SNAC?

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They're the same thing. Symantec added the "S" for branding purposes.

NAC = Network Access Control

SNAC = Symantec Network Access Control

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NAC is a generic term.

SNAC is Symantec's version of NAC.

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Can anyone tell me on which principle our SNAC works?

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Check this comments

Prachand Trusted Advisor

John Both are Network Access Control Application and both  have different features set. It is difficult to  find or provide  the difference between the two.In the market today we have Avenda eTIPS, Enterasys NAC, HP ProCurve Identity Driven Manager, Juniper UAC, and to a lesser extent, Microsoft NAP and Symantec NAC.

If you have any Question about the Windows NAP , you can check  the

Network Access Protection FAQ

If there are any specific question regarding  SNAC, post the question we would try to answer them. Mudit and Vikram  have  already given you basic of SNAC

I think I got what you were looking for

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Ashish Sharma

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Symantec Network Access Control protects networks from unauthorized, misconfigured, and infected endpoint computing devices. For example, Symantec Network Access Control can deny network access to the client computers that do not run specific versions of software and signatures. If client computers do not comply, Symantec Network Access Control can quarantine and remediate the computers. For example, if client computers have antivirus definitions that are more than a week old, Symantec Network Access Control can quarantine the computers. Symantec Network Access Control can update the computers with the latest antivirus definitions (remediation), and then permit the computers to access the network.

Title: 'What is Symantec Network Access Control?'
Web URL:

Check this article as well:

What's new in SNAC 12.1

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