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What do you guys think of BE 2012 SP2 and BE 2010 SP3?

Created: 26 Jul 2013 • Updated: 26 Jul 2013 | 13 comments

Lets discuss the experience after updaing the backup exec software to :

Backup Exec 2010 R3 revision 5204 Service Pack 3

Backup Exec 2012 revision 1798 Service Pack 2

You can share your views , experiences and thoughts on


Pre and Post Experience

Issues encountered after updaing BE.

Lets be heard!

Operating Systems:

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mjb2012's picture

Updated my appliance and 4 MMS servers on Friday. BE engine crashed at weekend and the CASO server lost its share to all MMS servers local dedupe storage rendering all jobs useless as it cannot see any storage. 

Noramlyl I woudl wait to see user reaction to such a big update but I was forced to update to SP2 as Symantec refused to look at my other exisitng problems until I upgraded to SP2. As usual it fixed 1 problem and created 10 more. 

Not good enough.

Kunal.Mudliyar's picture

Thanks for sharing the experience

Did you open a support ticket for this?

Technical Support


mjb2012's picture


I actually think SP2 has done something with the licensing, if thats possible. As my appliance which was configured as the CASO server is now just showing as "Primary backup exec server" at the top of the manangment console.

THat woudl also explain why I see this message:

RLeon's picture

I was looking forward to seeing this feature again, last seen in BE2010:

Maybe I just need to look harder, or wait for "R2".
Welp, back to testing SP2 with my multiple clicks clicker mouse™ I guess.

CraigV's picture

...this release was only to address platform support. The rest will come with the next release of the software.


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IMAWSON's picture

CraigV   Address Platform support only ???   I thought this release was supposed to add back in some old features  Like Jobs with Multiple servers  one tape

don't say I have to wait longer   I might as well move to different software when license renewal is due

IMAWSON's picture

Guess there is nothing in it for me  the small user, I read these earlier, Server level Backups as opposed to Job Backups are killing me and resourses...  I tried most of the work arounds to no avail  My Library recently died buig time and I ghot a real deal on LTO6 x 24  but still it wants to do tape per machine

Previous Blogs with Symantec people on suggested this needed to be put right in SP2  However nothing appears to have been included and its all about Windows 2012 and Hyper-v  neither of which I currently have. I have used BE (or predecessors) for nearly 20 years and 2012 is a killer  Reminicant of ME and Vista

CraigV's picture to the guys on those blogs (the Symantec employees) and ask them for details. The functionality is supposed to come back with the next release.


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Siddhant Saini's picture

Hello Imawson, 

I see that you are looking for a way to perform a multiple server backup on one tape. I'd request you to refer to the following link to get more details on it:

Thanks and Regards,
Siddhant Saini

phil57's picture

Hi guys,

I have seen a lot of feedback on BE 2012, but how is the situation with BE 2010 R3 SP3?

I have an Exchange 2007 and BE 2010 R2 and I plan to upgrade to Exchange 2010 SP3 and BE 2010 R3 SP3 but I would like to know if anyone is suffering issue before doing it.


MusSeth's picture

@phil57 Exchange 2010sp3 is supported with backup exec 2010 R3 sp3

CraigV's picture

...the poster knows this and stated he will upgrade to that based on other experiences.


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