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What exactly is exposed from over-deployment of licenses

Created: 09 Feb 2012 • Updated: 10 Feb 2012 | 6 comments
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Quick question that I am sure can be answered easily. Our SEPM 12.1 server is displaying the below warning

  • Computers with over-deployed licenses expose your network to security risks

What exactly is the risk that our network is now exposed to?

I do plan on purchasing more licenses would just like to interpret this error msg. Net searches do not return any information other than how to correct the licensing issue (buy more).

Thanks in advance,


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check this article


Types of enforcement

When the license goes out of compliance the SEP product goes into enforcement mode. There are two types of enforcement

1)  Hard Enforcement: SEP 12.1 Small Business Edition

  • Content update downloads stop for both server and clients.In Small Business Edition it's 1:1 mapping with CAT server.
  • UI changes and log notifications are started.

2)  Soft Enforcement: SEP 12.1 Enterprise Edition

  •  Content update downloads continue from all the sources.
  •  UI changes and log notifications are started. 
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For the Soft Enforcement, what changes occur to the UI and which UI does it refer to (SEPM Console UI, or SEP client UI)?


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If over deployed, we add new license it will solve the over deployed issue pete?

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Perfect. Thanks so much. So the conclusion I drew is that Enterprise customers or those with SEP/SPS (Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition) are still protected as clients will continue to download content updates.

Only those using SEP Small Business Edition would have to worry about content downloads. A workaround for a cash strapped admin could be to manually update over-deployed clients that stop downloading updates.


@Srikanth_Subra - In short the answer to your question is a resounding YES


Thx again pete and may everyone have a good YEEkend,

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Yes, that's correct adidas 503 and Srikanth_Subra.

you may also reduce the number of days to show client in console if offline for x days, with this clients will be delted from console and you will have licenes in hand. Also you can check if duplicate entries presence, if yes delete those so that you can have licenses from purchased.

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Thanks for updates..

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"Defeat the Defeat before the Defeat Defeats you"
(Swami Vivekananda)