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What firewall ports to open to allow clients to communicate with Management server?

Created: 24 Feb 2013 | 25 comments
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I have a VLAN that is used for restricted computers that I am looking to install SEP on for antivirus protection. I have another VLAN where trusted computers sit including my Management server which serves my corporate domain network. 

I was thinking about installing a managed client on these restricted computers so I can centrally manage policies and get reports about any infections. What ports do I have to open on my firewall so the computers on one VLAN can communicate with the Management server on the other VLAN?

I read on another site that the Windows ports 139 and 445 need to be opened for push deployments. I am primarily interested in allowing communication between the client and management server so that the client can download virus definitions and also so I have a central station where I can view information about these clients and see if there are any infections detected.

Thanks for the help.

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Port Number Port Type Initiated by Listening Process Description
80, 8014 TCP SEP Clients svchost.exe (IIS) Communication between the SEPM manager and SEP clients and Enforcers. (8014 in MR3 and later builds, 80 in older).


Which Communications Ports does Symantec Endpoint Protection use?

Article:TECH163787  |  Created: 2011-07-01  |  Updated: 2012-03-30  |  Article URL



Sumit G.

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Port no 8014

Which Communications Ports does Symantec Endpoint Protection use?

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma



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TCP 8014 port,

Please check with this.



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Port 8014 is required to open from firewall in bidirectional for the client and Server Communication.

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Simply Default TCP 8014.


Ajit Jha

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Hi all,


My query is:

If we run a command from SEPM, like update content or Full Scan or Delete from Quarantine or any other such commands

here what is the direction of this communication?

and on which port does the management server reach the clients on.

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It happens over 8014

The client will connect to the SEPM pver 8014

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But, how does the client know that there is a Command pending from SEPM?

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SEPM will tell it when the client checks in based on its heartbeat

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Thanks Brain,

to add to this, If the Communication settings is set to Pull Mode and heartbeat to 2hours, even then will the commands run only after clients communicate at their heartbeats?

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Yes. Clients needs to check in order to receive the command(s).

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hmmmmm I just did a packet capture and it looks like if you do an "update content" command from the server to the client then the server DOES try to initiate an 8014 tcp session with the client.  Then the client responds with a new handshake with the server back on 8014. 

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Sorry this is in push mode not pull mode.  Thought I was in pull mode on that client.  My mistake. 

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Just for some additional reference/reading:

Commands issued by Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager are executed by clients at next heartbeat

Article:TECH160281  |  Created: 2011-05-18  |  Updated: 2012-07-28  |  Article URL


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8014 is tcp so it is when the client checks in the server can issue commands over the same handshake.  If you are using stateful firewalls you will see one connection from client to server over 8014. 

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Hi Guys,

If port 8014 is bidirectional why am i not able to telnet 8014 from SEPM to SEP clients but i am able to telnet 8014 from SEP client to SEPM.


My clients are still online and are receiving updated from SEPM.


What port is used from SEPM to SEP client


I have refered to


Still i am not sure on what port is?


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Client/server communication is only over 8014 unless you specify a new one.

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You are not able to telnet port 8014 from sepm to client because. communication on port 8014 is initiated by client towards SEPM server.

hence you will be able to telnet the port 8014 from clients.

And if you use pull mode then only client will initiate the connection for server, server will not send any communication towards client.

while in push mode server will send communication to client & vice versa.



Avkash K

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Ok, so in this case, if there is a requirement to enable or open the firewall rule for the whole subnet / VLAN, the minimum ports are as follows:

  • Port: 8014 TCP
  • Source: All IP address of the clients or the whole  VLAN (eg. the /24 or /8) 
  • Destination: IPAddress of SEPM server
  • Port: 8014 TCP
  • Source: All IP address of the clients or the whole  VLAN (eg. the /24 or /8) 
  • Destination: IPAddress of SEPM server 

assuming that the SEP client is deployed manually wihtout using push install to deploy from the SEPM server ?

is that correct ?

Kind regards,

John Santana
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