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What happened to Custom Severity in Patch reports?

Created: 11 Mar 2013 • Updated: 12 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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Hello all,

I'm sure one of you has already solved this...but I'm stuck.  We used "Custom Severity" extensively in 6.x to filter out non-required updates (Timzone fixes, Junk Email, misc Hotfixes) so as to not skew our compliance numbers.  While Custom Severity still exists in 7.1, none of the out-of-box reports seem to utilize it.  I thought it might be as simple as cloning those reports, adding a parameter for _CustomSeverity (as the 6.2 reports had) and moving along, but the Stored Procedures in 7.1 don't have Custom Severity listed.  Before I try to tie together the results from

exec spPMCore_CustomSeverityNames

I thought I would see if anyone else had already done this.  Anyone?

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Hi KSchroeder,

You are right, in 6.x it was possible to filter Compliance report by selected Custom Severity. I believe you still may do it in 7.1 using ‘Group by’ field or ‘Search’.
Please see attached screenshots.


GroupByCustomSeverity.jpg SearchCustomSeverity.jpg
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I felt the same way at first but I've gotten used to the "7.1 way".

Using the search box works for me. Set the date range and type the custom severity in the search box to filter the result set. 

If I have multiple custom severity tags, I use the same first few letters or company abbreviation i.e. ABC_Critical, ABC_OfficeApp, etc. That way, if I want to see all of them, I type ABC in the search box. If I only want one of them, I type in the whole name of the custom severity.