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What happens in SEP 12 when you run an old Intelligent Updater file?

Created: 26 Feb 2013 | 7 comments

We are working on some procedures to update some machines using an Intelligent Updater file.  If we accidentally run an old Intelligent Updater file on a machine with current definitions, what happens?

Does it just exit or, or does the machine end up with old definitions, resulting in the machine needed to then connect to our SEP server to update to new definitions?

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It should not "rollback" to the old definitions. A Log.intelligentUpdater.txt file will be created in %temp% which you can review. I believe it detects that definitions are newer than what is trying to be installed.

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Intelligent Updater session complete.

All updates failed to install on the machine, for more details about the processing , please check the log file “log.IntelligentUpdater.txt” created in the users temporary directory.

I have tried to find the “log.IntelligentUpdater.txt”, but i have not find it , i use the search tool to searh in the computer, no found !
We encountered a problem as above!
we have serveral SEP 11.0 clients, some updated sucessfully with the definition 7.Feb.2013, but some of them can not be updated, we noticed that the out of date is for one year long. how to handle it? do we need to find the old definition to install? 
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Ed16 - the Intelligent Updater should not update to older revision of the defs if already installed.

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it will not run, it will fail and in the log you will see "all the updates are latest version"

make sure you have selected 32 / 64 bit version  appropriately

For example, the file names might look like "20071008-016-v5i32.exe" (for 32-bit) or "20071008-016-v5i64.exe" (for 64-bit) .

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Kindly confirm that you have got the below error message when you have installed the old package?

Path for the file is "user profie\Local Settings\Temp"


Sumit G.

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if the system is running with latest definition and you want to update for old definition, the client will still run new definition.