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What industry publications do you read regularly?

Created: 20 Jan 2010 | 30 comments
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Hi everyone,

I've got a question for you. Which industry publications do you read regularly? Which are the most helpful for you?

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eWeek (Magazine) - Good review, sometimes a bit biased.
Slashdot (Online Articles and comments) (They also allow for Paid Advertisments "Articles" now)
Network World (Magazine)

Everything else I keep up with on-line using Google Reader and subscribing to blogs.


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Ars Technica

No magazines other than DELL Power Solutions (occasionally).

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I don't know if they count as "Industry" magazines or not but I've got subscriptions to Wired Magazine and Make

- Matt

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in no particular order: Slashdot, CNET, 2600 and Gartner reports!

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I run a slashdot RSS feed directly on my desktop.  Other than that, just whatever tech news is floating around my regular news haunts:,

Network Analyst

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Computer Weekly

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Eweek for me..

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Tech Dispenser
Broadband Reports


Matt Green
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Intuitive Technology Group

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Eweek is my choice

Altiris Certified Professional

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Always looking to the future.   One favority publication is Popular Science

Other brief reads include Intel Premier IT Professionals - i.e. Intel Magazine -  

eWeek in electronic form is an occasional read

CNET summaries via email

Most of the above items are just to see what's being announced, highlighted, etc.

For helpful material which assists with day2day activities - social media sites like this one (Symantec Connect), Intel OpenPort, Microsoft Technet, etc.

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Gizmodo and whatever else my internet quests find that particular day.

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Gold Key

VERITAS ain't it the truth?

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Some online magazines , PC Magazine, Wired Magazine and many others using Google Reader. 

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Just for info about tech website but not only, see  Favorite Blogs and Web Sites by Digital Inspiration.


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The Symantec/Connect Blogs

Wow...I need a life!

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Redmond Magazine is the main one I peek at.

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Eweek, CW computerworld, technet plus I read a lot of white papers on subjects that interest me.

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EWeek, Computer Weekly and Symantec Forums.  Just cant keep up with changes unless I get most articles emailed to me though.  Reading your PDA on a train works great!!