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what is it that gives the choice of which archive to place an item

Created: 07 Aug 2012 • Updated: 23 Sep 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi Guys

We've got a customer who reports that when they archive manually they are presented with a screen to choose which archive to store the item, some of these produce a failure when selected as they don't have permission to the archive

what causes this screen to provide the options ? and how do i stop it from appearing or control which archives it offers ?


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Usually its whenever you have access to someone elses archive, such as a shared archive, or someone giving delegate controls, its possible i suppose that just having Read access to an archive would give this? but not sure.

You can use the new EV 10 SP1 unified client as that functionality was removed

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In the 'old days' it was only the DCOM client that gave that functionality.  With the 10.0.1 client, the HTTP client can do so now as well.

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ok, by switching the desktop policy to say outlook behaviour to HTTP only removes this but ...

is there a document somewhere which shows the differences both actual and user experience of using the HTTP only / DCOM client

i'm aware that the 10.0.1 client is unified mind

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When / if you use the 10.0.1 Outlook Add-in, there is no difference.

I would suggest that.