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What is meant by "Endpoint Server?"

Created: 01 Mar 2013 • Updated: 01 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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I was looking over the installation steps for installing DLP 11.6 in a 2-tier setup.

I read ahead through the documentation to see how to set up the endpoint DLP agents for Endpoint Discover and Endpoint Protect and saw that it said:

"Before you begin, make sure that you have installed and configured an Endpoint Server."  No further explanation seen before that.

I had never heard of "Endpoint Server" before.  Our package includes Enforce Server, Network Monitor, Network Prevent For Email, Endpoint Monitor and Endpoint Prevent.  No "Endpoint Server."

Is another new separate server hardware and license purchase needed for "Endpoint Server" of does this mean the Enforce Server?

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"Endpoint Server" means Endpoint discover or Endpoint Prevent :-).

Endpoint agents talks to Endpoint server ( any one of the above ) to take the policy hence it is must to have server installed first before agent.

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So, if we install Endpoint Discoverer first and then install Endpoint Prevent months later on the same server, will the DLP agent need any further reconfiguration?

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policy need to be configured accordingly. As you might know discover the data you have stated. Prevet will stop data to be sent (http, network map, USB, print fax etc)

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Hi Netuser , 

Endpoint agent having discover and prevent feature inbuilt and they comunicate with endpoint server for policy config and scanning with enforce detections. Endpoint discover or Endpoint Prevent is single component of endpoint and works to manange large agents and avoid load of enforce server.Whether Endpoint discover or Endpoint Prevent working depends on policy u define to discover and responce rule for preevnt.