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What next - Installing CMS

Created: 28 Mar 2011 | 3 comments

Ok, I installed SIM and ran it.  Chose a couple of additional packages to install.  It went through the whole download process, etc.  I then dit the Begin Build option.  It created the install package on the desktop.  Now what?  I double-clicked the install package and it unzipped a huge amount of .msi files.  Then it proceeded to run SIM again.  I feel like I'm caught in a loop!  I've read through the docs, and followed the steps, but I never get to a point of installing anything.

I'm running on Windows Server 2003, with SQL Server 2008 R2.  Help please!

BTW, this is just the Trialware versions of everything - don't know that it makes a difference though.

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Hey David,

Are you using the SIM 7.1 version? The CMS 7.1 will only be installed on Windows 2008 R2 Server (x64).


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SIM can be installed on Windows Server 2003 32-bit or Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit.  If you install on 2003 32-bit, you can set up SMP 7.0 SP5.  If you install on 2008 R2 64-bit, you can set up SMP 7.1.  I recommend setting up on 2008 R2 64-bit as this is the latest release.

This gives a rough overview of the process:

Sounds like you're creating an installation package, which is meant for offline installations.  Instead you should just click 'Add a new product' or similar button, then install the Symantec Management Platform, followed by the Suite (e.g. Client Management Suite) that you're interested in.

A readiness check will help you verify that your server is ready to handle the evaluation.

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner

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Thanks guys.  The trialware is CMS 7.1 (duh!).  That's explains it all.