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What is "server" value in EV Search URL (EV for Domino 8.0SP3)?

Created: 02 Aug 2012 • Updated: 03 Aug 2012 | 6 comments
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Dear all,

I need your help urgently.

My customer is having a clustered Domino server S01 and S02 and the preferred server is set to S02 in EV Admin Console.

We are planning to install a new Domino cluster in another site for the customer and add the new cluster to EV.  Customer wants to migrate user from first site to second site.

However, we noticed that the EV Search URL (set in the profile of user mailfile) has hard coded the "server" value with the Domino Server name S02 in it.  Do anyone know which EV configuration value does this "server" value correspond to?

https://<evserver FQDN>:443/EnterpriseVaultDomino/searchO2k/asp?lotusdomino=DominoDomain&server=S02%2fDominoDomain&mbx=mail%5cUserName&vaultid=<id><EV Server DNS Name>

We checked user mailfile which has mail server set to S01 but the EV Search URL still have the "server" value set to S02.

A Symantec guy has kindly enough to let me know that the EV Search URL is updated every time the EV Provisioning task run.  Therefore, my only question is how this "server" value is obtained and if we have any official method to update it.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Rayson Wong

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Honestly I'm not sure but if it's urgent would suggest you contact support, I'll ping one of the domino EV guys on here but most likely won't be seen till tomorrow

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The EV_SearchURL is indeed dynamically built each time that provisioning runs.  The "&server=" parameter reflects the user's home mail server which our provisioning task code reads directly from the user's entry in the SQL DominoMailboxEntry table (in the field NotesMailServerEntryId, which has a relationship then to the NotesMailserverEntry table for the actual Domino mailbox server name).

The DominoMailboxEntry table is also kept up-to-date by the provisioning task, which populates its contents on each run to reflect the data that it finds on that user's person doc in the Domino Directory.

So, if you are seeing S02 still as the "&server=" parameter in the EV_SearchURL, then that would suggest to me that S02 is still listed as the user's home mail server in their person doc and needs changing to the server to which you have 'moved' their mail file

I notice that you say 'We checked user mailfile which has mail server set to S01', but I am not emtirely sure what you are sayin gyou have 'checked' at this point. Can you (re)check the user's person doc in the Domino Directory and confirm whether the 'Mail Server' field reads S01 or S02?



Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the information.

From my customer's EV server provisioning log, we found that for all mailbox, it is referencing the S02 server, even the home mail server of a user is set to S01 server.

On the other hand, our EV has configured to use S02 as the preferred server in the Domino cluster for EV operation.  Will the provisioning task use this "preferred server" to perform operation and then put this "preferred server" into the EV Search URL?


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Hi Rayson

I have just set a PreferredServer in my environment and it appears that, as a result, when provisioning task runs, it does override the value stored in the user's entry in the SQL DominoMailboxEntry table (in the field NotesMailServerEntryId) when it is updating that user information from the Domino Directory, stroign the PreferredServer as opposed to the user's home mail server

This is logical as it ensures that the archiving task, which also acquires its list of archiving targets from this table, will attempt to archive first from this 'PreferredServer'

The knock-on effect of this is the behavior you are seeing, where the EV_SearchURL uses the same mail server value from the DominoMailboxEntry table, and hence will be hardcoded with the 'PreferredServer' also

So, if you are using PreferredServer, you cannot avoid this behavior

However, I do not think that this should be an issue when you move your user from the cluster in your first site to the second site. As the user's home mail server on their person doc will be updated in the Domino Directory to reflect the server that you move them to in the new site, then provisioning should update the DominoMailBoxEntry table accordingly, with this new server name, or, if this new server is a member of a new cluster in this new site that has a PreferredServer set, the PreferredServer name. The subsequent provisioning code that builds the EV_SearchURL will therefore also update the entry to reflect the new server in the &server= parameter

Does that make sense?


Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |

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Hi Paul,

Thanks a lot for your help.

This clear up my doubt regarding the EV Search URL. 

As you said, there shall not be an issue with the EV Search URL after a user is migrated to another site as there shall have another "preferred server" for the user and the provisioning task shall get the new Domino server for the EV Search URL.