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What solution did you expect to work and it doesn't.

Created: 30 Nov 2012

I'm posting this in Asset managment because it concerns barcode 7.1 mp1.  But I can list a few things we paid for that simply don't work. Whats worse is I always hear "Oh in the next release"  or "known error, expected fix in new release"  

So I'd like to see if others have parts of solutions that don't work as Documented.  Thats the key here can you reference something in a user guide that simply doesnt work?

I refere to Barcode solution and the 7.1 release notes page 63, "If you click Purchase Ordering Receiving on the Create / Receive screen, you
open the Purchase Orders / Invoices screen. This screen shows a list of Purchase
orders or invoices. If you then select a purchase order or invoice and click Next,
the Receive Items screen opens.'

so I couldnt get it to work. and when I opened a service ticket I was told "we haven't really found anyone who uses that function and it wasn't planed to be working until relase 8, oh and we dont have a date for that release yet" 

So it's documented, it says it should work.  but they clearly didn't code for it to work.  I say I paid for something and it doesn't work. 

Anyone else want to add to the list?