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what table has software productname ?

Created: 04 Sep 2012 | 4 comments

ok in NS6 there was the infamous

SQL example

Select a._ResourceGUID 
From [inv_aex_sw_audit_software] a 
where a.[ProductName] like '%ezchrom%' and a.[file name] = 'helpmail.exe'
now in the 7.1sp2 world.. i have 99.99% of my items created.. but the .01% i just cant seem to figure out..
I was able to use Inv_Installed_File_Details for some like Name and path.. 
but ProductName doesnt exist...
I need to know where this can be found as we also have other items that we will be creating in the future off of that field...
If there is a way to do it via app metering or software in the catalog I can set it up but for now im lost as I have checked most of the tables with the simple
select * from dbo.tablename and not finding it...
now I have a feeling that someone will recommend a custom data class.. ok I could do that and I have created a few custom inventories... but kicker is that there is no specific file to say inventory on or i would use 'name' or even 'path'
thanks guys/gals..

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i will spend a LOT of time trying to figure this stuff out..

I then will post the question and keep on chugging...

now I think i found it..

TheSmiz replied to a thread now locked here

now unfortunately I do not have a machine that is in our DEV with that software installed.. but running 

select * from vWindowsFile 
where Name like '%ezch%.exe%'
does reply back a product name and it is EZChrom Elite so maybe in business!!!!!

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vSoftwareProduct table may have what you're looking for.

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that looks like a rolling list of software.. no repeats.. hmmm looks nice.. until i can find the software install i wont be able to see if it helps.. but i dont see why not..

do you know if that is the software catalog listing?

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To get the name of installed software, start with this query:

FROM vRM_Software_Component_Item sci
JOIN Inv_InstalledSoftware iss
   ON iss._SoftwareComponentGuid = sci.Guid

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