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What tapes are required for restore

Created: 07 Dec 2012 | 6 comments

Hopefully a simple one for you backup gurus.... Can backup exec 2012 tell me what tapes are required for restore jobs ?


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Kiran Bandi's picture

Check under reports. You can see a report named "Media required for recovery". 


BugTastic's picture

Thanks for that - I run this report and never seem to get any results.

"There were no records that met all criteria requested." Doesn't matter what value I put in the Range options.
any ideas ?
Kiran Bandi's picture

Try running "Backup sets by Media Sets" report and see if you get medias used by backup sets details.

If you are so sure about time ranges and other parameters you provided while running earlier report, then i suspect you do not have any data left for recovery of that particular server.

BugTastic's picture

OK. Ran that report and it came back with a lot of information (23 pages) - so dont know what i'm doing wrong (if anything) in the other report.!

pkh's picture

When you do the restore, you would be prompted for the tape(s) that are required.

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I get that but it would be good to know what tapes are required before I kick off a job. Our backup server is not on site. I use other backup software that does this. Seems odd that this doesn't.