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What's the best way to export 50 tb pddo images to tape on a weekly basis?

Created: 03 Aug 2012 • Updated: 27 Sep 2012 | 3 comments's picture
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It seems the network link between puredisk and media server is bottleneck. Is it possible to attach a tape library to pure disk server then send images via San directly?

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The media server has to rehydrate the data to get it to tape, so really you should get as good or better performance going to tape than you do from a client.  I do not believe you can attach a library directly to a PureDisk server since it is a stripped down version of SLES and does not have any tape device driver packages installed.

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My first thoughts: once a month perhaps?

Or just have a duplicated PureDisk node? Then "balance" the stuff exported between those two, having two NetBackup Media servers exporting in parallel.

Try installing a 10 Gbit/s on PD servers and NBU Media server.

Through 10 Gbit/s link you should be able to push almost 80 TB a day, but it's not the LAN link itself that has to do the job.

In my environment the directly attached storage reaches 600 MBytes/s R/W speeds. Reading at this pace would give you something like 50 TB during 24h.

As I understand 50 TB is at least 2 PDDO / 4 PDRoE nodes, which should provide something like stripe performance, sufficient for your demand.

Make sure that /Storage and /Storage/databases are on decent and robust storage. SAN may cause latency long enough to "starve" all the buffers.

Last thought: PureDisk is not the World Champion in tape exports.The interface for this export may have also some "embded" legacy limitations.

Never the less, should be possible if you have a peaceful weekend at your disposal.

Good luck!


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Thanks Kerry/Michal!

Unfortunately we don't have many servers can be used to increase capacity for once a month duplication. Single PDDO node can only support upto 32TB, due to buget limiation we're going to break the PD cluster then convert standby node to CR node to increase capacity.  

I also thought about MSDP but it only supports up to 64TB and no global dedupe.  

Yes, I think that my option would be installing 10GB NICs on Puredisk and NetBackup media server.

My two PD clusters(one active one standby) are on two sites and there is one tape library at one of the sites, therefore I am supposed to export all the data from one site. 

My /Storage is also on SAN(raid 6, VxVM stripe from single LUN allocated from multiple LUN group) and it can do around 400MB/sec or higher.

Thanks for your reply! Really appreciate it.