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What's the Control flow when a message is archived

Created: 15 Aug 2010 • Updated: 18 Sep 2010 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Can some please explain me or point me to the source where I can find the flow from getting a message from outlook to indexing and storing happens. How does it involves MSMQs.

Thanks in advance for all your replies.

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Hi Tony,

Those links are very informative. Thaks a lot for your help.

I have one question about the queues. I have not find any queue related to indexing. If we have indexing running in a separate server, when and how the messages are sent to it.

How are messages are handed over to indexing. Is it storage service that queues messages to Indexing server? is it done before storing the message or after storing the message? As far as I understand, I think the storage service sends the messages to indexing service then it creates the SAVESET ID, indexes the content and then sends back to storage service. Then storage service archives the message and updates the voultstore database. is my understanding correct?

We have EV8.0 in our environment. Once again thanks for your reply.


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Indexing doesn't use Message Queuing as it can go directly to the savesets on disk. The storage service sets flags in the database that the indexing process checks to see if there are updates pending

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As Nick said, the item is stored and then it is Indexed. 

One thing you wrote I have a question about, you say "If we have indexing running in a separate server"  Can you clarify what you mean there?

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Hi Tony and Nick,

Thanks for your replies. "Indexing running on separate server" I mean, Indexing running in a  different server than the storage server.
I am not really sure if we can configure indexing and Storage services in separate servers.

Please confirm if we can configure these roles in separate servers. If this configuration is possible, how message will flow from Storage to Indexing.

Query2: Also I have read in one of the articles, I think its in EV6, where its mentioned that indexing is done before message is stored. Is it chaged in EV8.


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You can configure indexing to be a seperte server but I would not recommend it. 

as for your second query, yes that was changed in EV 6 sp 1 I thought when Index Volumes were added.