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When i send a message to some PGP User, the recipients see the original message as attachment

Created: 06 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

The recipients have PGP Mail Destop 10.1.0 Build 860 PGP SDK 4.0.1 with outlook 2010 and exchange 2010

And i have the newest Symantec Desktop Email Encryption with outlook 2010 and exchange 2003

The policies that i have in my configuration are the defaults values

The problem appear when the recipients try to read the messages in their blackberry (the blackberry has installed the "Blackberry PGP Support Package 4.1") because the attachments can not be opened from there.

Then if i fix the problem and the messages don't deliver as attachments the recipients will see the messages on your phone without troubles.
Someone can help me, i will appreciate it so much.

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Tom Mc's picture

Might the problem be that they have BlackBerry 10 that is not currently supported?

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hrcedillo's picture

Tom Thanks for your assistance, they have blackberry bold 9900 OS 7.1.0

if i send any message to other pgp user inside my organizacion, i don't have problem, but if i send a message to some pgp users with other domain then the encrypted message arrives as attachment.
do you know what to do with this issue for solve it?

Hector Cabrera

Alex_CST's picture

Is that not how messages used to be delivered on environments of old Universal Servers?  I'm not sure, and 10.1.0 is quite old

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Alex_CST thanks for your comment, they say that others PGP Users (with other domain)  send them mail and don't have problems.
do you think the problem may be the version I am using, that my version and their version aren't  compatible entirely?

Hector Cabrera