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When i spm from Enforce to SEPM but Enforcer not appear on SepM

Created: 26 Jul 2011 | 4 comments

Hi all

I have 01 Enforcer ( use Lan enforcer) and install 01 server NAC ( Symantec Network access control). When i spm with command :

spm ip http 80 group ABC key 123456

On the NAC server not appear Enforcer .?

Please help me trouble this case.

Many Thanks


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its the port or the key or both, as well, port 8014 is now the default not port 80.

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Hi Josh _symc

I have  typed command on Enforcer : spm ip http 80 group ABC key 123456

I'm sure type correct

When i see status on the Enforcer is report :

Enforcer# show status
Enforcer Status:                ONLINE
Policy Manager Connected:       NO
Policy Manager:        HTTP 8014
Packets Received:               119
Packets Transmitted:            119
Packet Receive Failed:          0
Packet Transfer Failed:         0
Enforcer Health:                EXCELLENT
Enforcer Uptime:                0 days 00:03:08
Policy ID:                      15/07/2011  18:47:56

You can see Policy manager connected : NO

If No , this server NAC but not run. Could you tell me the problem and how to fix?

The problem this on NAC server ?

Thanks you

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In most cases with this problem, the Enforcer's SPM KEY is not the same as the shared secret used when first configuring the SEPM.