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When version upgrade licenses are used?

Created: 19 Jan 2012 • Updated: 20 Jan 2012 | 4 comments
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I'm sure the answer must be out there somewhere, but I'm having difficulty finding it...

I have a instalation of Symantec Antivirus I need to upgrade to the latest version (Symantec Endpoint Portection 12.1 or Symantec Endpoint Portection Small Business 12.1), the problem is that i'm not sure what version upgrade licenses must buy.

Thanks for any feedback - and apologies if the answer is out there somewhere obvious.

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I believe if you have valide Symantec Antivirus ( ) license, upgrade to SEP 12.1 will be free for you.

You might have received mail from Symantec license department about upgrade process with new .slf (license file)

 If you have not received any communication, you can call license department to avail same.

Chetan Savade
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So, it seems to be a Deciding factor for you.

What are the differences between Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition?
Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition offers the same antivirus and antimalware technologies as Endpoint Protection, including Insight and SONAR, but is designed specifically for small businesses. It is ideal for companies with fewer than 100 users as it has a smaller footprint on the client.
Endpoint Protection is ideal for companies with 100 users or more. It includes virtualization features as well as Symantec™ Network Access Control, Device and Application Control, and support for Linux®. These features, along with a robust management console and more granular policy management , are designed to meet the needs of medium to large businesses and enterprises.
Check the FAQ on Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 12.1 and Symantec™ Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.1
Also, Check Forum Article for more details.
In reference to the License Upgrade, I would request you to contact the Symantec Licensing Department on Call: 1-800-721-3934

Hope that helps!!
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Mithun Sanghavi
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This is my first post in Symantec Connect and I´m surprize how quick answer my question.

Thanks all.

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