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When will BE 2012 be able to backup Windows 2012

Created: 05 Sep 2012 | 4 comments


i installed some Windows 2012 Servers on my virtual box and would like to backup these servers now.

But backupexec fails to install the remote agent.

When will there be an remote agent for the 2012 release?

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Colin says "This will be close to the GA date".

Both products are RTM.

Windows 8 was released a week a ago and Windows 2012 yesterday.

What does it mean "close to".

With all the bugs of BE2012 in mind and the time it needs for Symantec to fix them and deliver a stable product, "close to" would be at in 3-4 month ...

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Symantec, I don't get it.

Microsoft has been very, very open in the last development processes for 3rd party vendors to get the chance to release at the same time as Microsoft.

You keep saying that an backup agent of BE should be ready for the GA of Windows Server 2012.
The GA was september the 4.

Thats over a month ago. Many of us are already running Windows Server 2012 in production.
We need backup of it NOW!! 

Guess I have to try to remember som 90s batch script skills to copy my data to a 2008 server with a working BE agent :p

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i had a phone call with Symantec tech in germany.

i was told that the R2 Beta will start in December 2012 and support for Windows 2012 will be in 2013 (lol).