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Where can I download this hotfix?

Created: 05 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

Just spent an hour on the phone to Technical Support who would not provide the hotfix below without a support id. They have advised me to post here. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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You filed the discussion under BE 2010 and the article is pointing only to 2012! 

BTW have you tried recreating the selection list in question (if not all are failing)?


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One other thing, this HF pertains only to cases where the logon account does meet all requirements, yet the backup of all servers fail with the logon failure.

Have you confirmed if the logon account indeed meets all a test, try creating a new account & see if that works.

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Sorry, but why are support pointing you here if you need a support ID to get the fix? That makes no sense and is quite slack on their part...

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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In this instance the issue is specificvally for BE 2012 so may not be a match for 2010 R3.

When we state that a supported hotfix is available using the text mentioned in this article, what we mean is there is a controlled release of what we call an Orphan update (which is loosely similar to a beta patch) and you do have to log a formal support case to receive it (and therefore do need a support agreement with us and an ID). Sometimes orphan updates are actual changed binaries, and sometimes they are scripts that need running against the BEDB. In this instance I believe it is a SQL script or command that needs running.

Orphan updates usually do become public releases as part of full hotfixes or patches, however I cannot put a timescale on this.

Also please note when we release orphan updates to customers they are for that customer's use ONLY and shoud not be issued to 3rd parties without Symantec authorization