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Where do I get the BSI.ENV and SAP.PAR Files

Created: 16 Mar 2011 • Updated: 13 Apr 2011 | 2 comments
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Hi Guys

Where do I get the BSI.ENV and SAP.PAR Files?

I'm using MaxDB to backup databases and need to know where I can get this fils from?


Lady T

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Hi Lady T,

These aren't related to BE at all, so this isn't relevant to the forum. They relate directly with SAP. As such you're probably unlikely to get much support.

However, check the links below and see if they help you...


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Not sure if BE can handle MaxDB, but the BSI.ENV file and as you have called it SAP.PAR file are used with NetBackup. Now to explain SAP.PAR, SAP.PAR can be any filename, in any location, so long as you specify the name and path in the BSI.ENV file. Note PARAMETERFILE line, this is where it is specified. In my case I call it initSAP.utl

Either place BSI.env in the wrk folder, or create a system Environment Variable called BSI_ENV and specify the full path to the file, including the file name. ie. C:\sapdb\data\wrk\BSI.env

The other option is to place the BSI.ENV file in the database folder under the "wrk" folder. Default location.

BSI.ENV contains the following:

BACKINT C:\progra~1\veritas\netbackup\bin\backint.exe
INPUT c:\sapdb\logs\
OUTPUT c:\sapdb\logs\backint.out
ERROROUTPUT c:\sapdb\logs\backint.err
PARAMETERFILE c:\sapdb\data\wrk\initSAP.utl

Input, Output, Erroroutput lines - point them to a folder that exists where these files will be created during the backup or restore process. The files are created you don't create them.

The Parameter File contains the following, again for NetBackup.

switch_list c:\sapdb\data\wrk\.switch.lis
switch_sem c:\sapdb\data\wrk\.switch.sem
switch_log c:\sapdb\data\wrk\.switch.log

policy xyz_sapdb
schedule Default-Application-Backup

I alas don't know how you will use these with Backup Exec, if at all possible.