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Where does ServiceDesk 7.5 Store Group Changes on Incidents?

Created: 29 Apr 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 10 comments

I am trying to build a report, in report designer or SQL, to track how long a ticket stays in a queue....I.E. Group Handle Time report.  However I cannot find any table in the database that stores this info. Does anyone know where this info may reside or how to pull a Group Handle Time report from Service Desk?

I have been able to find some of the info in the ReportProcessComment table, however this info is not exactly what I am looking for.

Thank You

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We were never able to find a field in any of the tables of the ProcMgr database that stored historical assignment information. The only place we ever saw that info come up was in the process comments, and only in certain instances.

When I change the group/queue assignment using the "Edit Incident" task link, it will create a process message that says "Incident assigned queue changed to 'Application Support' from 'Help Desk'". When I change the assignment using the "Reassign Ticket" task link, there is no record (that I've been able to find) of that reassignment, or of where the ticket came from.

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That is what I was afraid of.  I am hoping that this is something Symantec put into MR1.

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I'm not aware of any changes to this behavior in the upcoming MP1 release. This type of functionality change would need to be submitted as a feature request to be including in a future release of ServiceDesk..

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Putting a trigger on the table(s) with the info you want to audit might be a suitable option.

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With servicedesk 7.5 MP1 Are we unable to do some reports with historical information?

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What historical data are you trying to report on and what tables does this information reside in?

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I need information about how many workers was assigned to the ticket o if change the queue..

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Unfortunately we don't capture all that information. As said previously some of the information can be found in the Process History. If you need something more in depth you would probably have to create some SQL triggers that copied the information from the different tables into some custom history tables.

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Perhaps using a "Process Comments" as data source on Report Designer?


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LDAY, if you will send me a PM, i have something in regards to this topic that you might be interested in.  Please send me a PM.