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Where download SEP 11.x for Windows 2000?

Created: 26 Sep 2011 | 3 comments

I need a solution to download an earlier version that 12 for "unsupported clients" such as Windows 2000.

I've some of them in my network and for several reasons I cannot upgrade the OS at this time, so I need to install a kind of Antivrus.


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put the serial number, check if 11.0.XX is listed in download, if not

then call support, they wil give u a ftp  id and pass where u can download earlier versions 

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You can also import it from the DVD image of SEP12.

Login to the SEPM, go to Admin, Install Packages, Client Install Packages

Click "Add a client install package"

Give the new client package a name, e.g. "SEP11 for Legacy OS"

Click browse, browse to the SEP DVD\SEPM\AdditionalPackages folder and click the .info file there, click Select, then OK and wait for the package to import.

You can then export packages from SEPM in the same way you always have.

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"Thumbs up" to the advice, above!

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