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Where to download software and licenses?

Created: 06 Feb 2011 • Updated: 06 Feb 2011 | 6 comments

Where can I download software, updates and licenses? I did get a password for my new account on Symantec's licensing portal, but I can't find any products in there.

I have a bad feeling about this whole Symantec thing, by the way. PGP hasn't been in good hands when it hasn't been independent in the past. You should let Phil Zimmermann have a say, as a consultant, in how this product is developed, instead of letting some businesspeople potentially destroy it and its' customer base on a whim.

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This is from the PGP Desktop 10.1 User's Guide:

Checking for Updates
Note: The option to automatically check for updates is no longer available in PGP Desktop, starting with version 10.1. To check for an update or to install an update, you must manually download the file.
With the acquisition of PGP Corporation by Symantec Corporation, PGP operations is in the process of integrating with Symantec operations. When checking to see if there are updates, or to download an update, use the second download link if the first link does not appear operational.
To upgrade PGP Desktop, do the following:

Go to the PGP License and Entitlement Management System (LEMS) and log in ( If the update for PGP Desktop is not available, then

Go to Symantec FileConnect (, select your language, and enter your serial number.
Upgrading From Standalone to Managed PGP Desktop Installations
If you have been using PGP Desktop in standalone mode and now will be managed by a PGP Universal Server, you must install a bound and stamped version of PGP Desktop over your existing, standalone installation. You must also complete the enrollment process. Your PGP Administrator will provide an installation file so you can install a bound and stamped version.
Upgrading the Operating System Software
If you are upgrading your computer to a new major release of the operating system (for example, on a Windows system to Windows Vista or on a Mac OS X system from 10.4.x to 10.5.x), be sure to do the following:
1 Back up your keys and keyrings before uninstalling.
2 If you have used PGP Whole Disk Encryption, decrypt your disk before you uninstall PGP Desktop.
3 Uninstall any previous versions of PGP Desktop before upgrading to the new version of the operating system.
4 Once you have upgraded your version of the operating system, reinstall
PGP Desktop. Import your keys/keyring and, if necessary, you can then
encrypt your disk.

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I have tried using fileconnect, but always get message Invalid serial number.

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There's an issue downloading software from fileconnect/symantec's licesing portal.

I talked with customer support on Tuesday 2/8/11 and it's still broken. one would hope that they would let us know once it's fixed.

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Hi Everyone! I am on the Customer Care Team at Symantec and feel I can help out here

Legacy PGP licenses were migrated into your account at the Symantec Licensing Portal.

To find the listing, once logged in, click on "Manage My Licenses" at the top and then click the button for "Advanced Search" about 1/3rd way down and then finally click the first search button. This will take you to a listing of all your licenses.

Once you click on the "View Details" link for the PGP product, click on the "Get Software" button at the top

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The whole Symantec Download Licence Portal Sym whatever-stuff is one big catastrophe. Spending hours how to figure out download my PGP and getting clear sense of all the complicated crap. Absolutely no usability and the whole thing is really annoying. Sorry, but I am sure I just tell what most of the PGP users think.!

Well, let's see, now I got stuck at this text: We are unable to process your request at this time. Your product may no longer be available for download or physical shipment. <--- After pressing the "Software anfordern" Button.

Someone here who can please tell me (primary german language please) whats going on? What to do next?

Thank you for any help!